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          Wave Bioreactor Systems

          As an integrated solution provider for bio-process engineering, Tofflon can  provide the whole bio-process equipments and integrated system from media preparation, cell/microbial cultivation, harvesting, DF/ UF, purification, buffer preparation to fill & finish with successful applications in Monoclonal Antibody, Human Vaccine, Veterinary Vaccine, Insulin and Blood Products.


          ?       Biosimilars

          ?       Vaccines

          ?       Regenerative Therapy Products

          Key Features:

          s   Scalable platform

          s   Capacity: 1 L to 200 L (working volume 0.1 L to 100 L)

          s   Integrity Test: Bioreactor bag integrity can be evaluated before use to avoid loss & process sterility failure.

          s   Precise DO control by independent controlling line for Oxygen, Air and CO2 to achieve target DO in cascade

          s   Temperature control accuracy ± 0.2°C

          s   Swing Accuracy ±1Rpm

          s   CO2 Control Accuracy ±0.3%

          s   Global branded parts and spares with higher precision, accuracy, performance, and quality to control & monitor CPPs precisely.

          s   Perfusion Bioreactor bag helps to achieve higher cell density

          s   Pharmacopeial compliant &   biocompatible MOC of the bioreactor bag