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          Manufacturing and Quality Control

          Thanks to Tofflon thousands freeze dryer shelves manufacturing experience, innovative vacuum brazing technology and know-how and advanced vacuum brazing equipments, we make

          ? Greater shelves strength

          ? Reduced shelves weight

          ? Eliminating shelves welding distortion

          ? Increased shelves heat exchanger area


          The world’s largest freeze drying system manufacturing base (250,000 ㎡)

          ? 5 modern manufacturing parks

          ? 3 R&D centers

          ? Critical Process: semi-auto or auto process

          ? CNC manufacturing center

          ? 6S workshop management

          ? International regulatory compliance (CE/UL/PED/ASME/ GAMP)


          Scientific In-Process Quality Control

          ? Kaye Validator

          ? Helium Leak Detector for Leakage Test

          ? Boroscope Inspection with Photos and Video Records

          ? Alloy Analyzer to Test Stainless Steel Materials

          ? Pressure Calibrator

          ? Temperature Calibrator

          ? Temperature Uniformity Test

          ? SIP Temperature Distribution Test

          ? CIP Riboflavin Test

          ?Filter Integrity Test, etc.

          cGMP Documentation and Qualification